Homecoming Week

Today marks the finale and big bang of this week. The drum roll has led up to this. The boys are in their green t-shirts (BAD MOM AND NO SCHOOL SPIRIT ALERT!!! No, the boys don’t have terrier shirts as of yet because every time they send an order form home, I set it down and find it after the deadline has passed and I’m too motivationally declined to go in a store and get them) and ready for a big day at school filled with all kinds of cheering at the pep assembly and parade. It really will be a lot of fun, I’ve always enjoyed these kinds of things. It’s just like when I was in school and we got out of class work for something fun, I get to skip washing dishes and matching socks for a few hours of excitement!

This week the boys have dressed up in jerseys, Duck Dynasty get-ups, superhero costumes (no they didn’t go as me, darn it!), and as Tacky Tourists. And I got to see what my 7 year old looks like with a beard…come on now, the kid has feet as big as mine already, I don’t need him growing up any faster!

****We interupt this program for a complete thought change without a good transition!***

Now, back to the whole superhero thing. Yeah, I caved yesterday and admitted that I don’t really fight crime, but how awesome would that be? I’d for sure be the coolest mom in at least a 5 mile radius, right? Yeah, maybe not :-p Well tomorrow I’m going to be wishing I had those superpowers, mainly a “defrost” setting (oh wait, that would be my supercar, not superpower) because some friends and I are running a mud run to benefit cancer. There is a local farm/corn maize (see what I did there? Yeah, corny…;-) ) that’s hosting it and I thought that September 28 would be a perfect date for gorgeous Fall weather. Well guess what, we haven’t had rain in a little while and it decided to grace us for the run. I know you’re thinking, “Uh didn’t she say this was a mud run? Wouldn’t that make it even better?” but no, it doesn’t. All mud is supposed to stay in specific mud-designated areas. At least I’m pretty sure that’s one of the rules… All kidding aside, it’s supposed to be pretty chilly but I can’t wait because we are going to have a blast! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Our tshirts say “Mud Now, Wine Later” but I’m thinking my cousin’s take of “Mud Now, Whine Later” is going to be right. If it wasn’t for some wonderful girls I get to spend time with, I’m thinking I would be a little more intimidated! No worries, we’ll make it a helluva good time and it will definitely be one for the memory books. 🙂

So until next time, (hmm, I need a good sayonara…I’ll work on that one) try to keep from chewing your fingernails waiting for my subsequent posts. And I promise, one of these days, I’ll have more meat, more controversy, more opinions, more big kid stuff and less fluff…. Ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding, we’ll see. Only the Shadow knows!


Disclaimer: If you find any typos, just shhhh…. I haven’t found out how to work this thing well enough yet to see where the spell check is.


An Introduction of Sorts

I giggle to myself at this title, because for now, I plan on showing no one… ok, so maybe one person. I’ll show my husband at least. If he’s home before midnight and doesn’t fall asleep after eating a sandwich because I was too busy starting a blog to do anything except eat a few crackers and nuke some corndogs for the boys. And maybe a friend or two… we’ll see if it actually turns into something to read!

If you are lucky enough to be reading this, it means you made it into the “a friend or two” category (or you could be my husband, love you honey!) and you probably don’t need an introduction. But for the sake of maybe, someday, in the far distant future showing this to someone who might not know the true, dark and mysterious me…here goes. I fight crime…I’m a real live superhero. Yep, I’ve chosen this blog to come out of the proverbial quick change phone booth and expose my true identity. Impressive huh? I’ve had to perform most of my heroic ventures under the cover of darkness (no I’m not batman. I’ve lost a little weight, but the whole black spandex thing isn’t quite flattering enough even when it’s pitch black and everyone is sleeping) as not to compromise my civilian life. I have yet to come up with a catchy name like “Wonder Woman” or….are there really any other superheroines besides the X-girls and pink versions of the superdudes? Anyways, I’m hoping one day in the near future to stop interupting myself so that I may finish a thought, or a sentence without parentheses or … That should be a superpower.

And now I tell you that today I’ve revealed my deepest darkest secret and tomorrow you’ll find out I’m full of poo and just a normal lady who wishes she had superpowers when it comes to cleaning bathrooms, folding laundry, and sweeping up dog hair. In my blog I hope to show you who I am as a woman and that a dog training, country wife and mom who hunts can be smart, passionate, fashionable (ok that one might be a stretch ;-), funny, and hopefully entertaining.

P.S. Got inspiration for the last line from a friend, thanks Julie!!