Hear ye, hear ye!

Please excuse me whilst I hop aboard this little soap box of mine….


I have to be honest, this is a scary place for me to be. Not because I’m afraid of ‘heights’ but because I very much dislike confrontation and public attention. And save me the “Why are you putting yourself out there in a blog then?” outcry because sometimes we have to do the uncomfortable. Let me also give a reminder that I have the right to unapprove or delete any comments that are ugly, rude, or downright malicious. (Look at me all battle ready, like people actually read my blog 😉 ) Ladies and gentleman, suit up, I’m treading on dangerous territory and although I may not be looking forward to the personal attacks, I feel this must be said.

If you have ever owned or ever plan on owning a pet, be it a dog, hamster, fish, cat, snake, or rhinoceros, it is a commitment and a responsibility. Shall we delve into what those two words mean, as I believe they are being used a lot lately, but not correctly.


Commitment: An agreement or pledge to do something in the future….The state or instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled. Responsibility: The act of being responsible (able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations).

So what do we have here? Being able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations which proceed into the future. I am downright sick and tired of the way these two words are being thrown around and used daily in reference to buying, adopting, rescuing, saving, or owning a living, breathing being. Heck, if I really wanted to put myself on the radar, I’d point out that this doesn’t just have to apply to animals (obviously the owning part might have to be edited a bit, oh, and probably the buying as well). What on earth makes people think that impulse is a great idea when it comes to pets? Now, let me address that, yes, sometimes God places special little dogs, lizards, or camels in our lives that we may or may not have been planning on, but I’m not chastising those who are resonsible people when put in those positions (exceptions to every rule). I’m talking about the “Hey! I’m sitting here watching tv and the Sarah McLachlan sob story commercial comes on and even though I’ve never owned a pet, live in a 30th story apartment the size of a pea, and work 16 hours a day, I think I’ll go get a pony!” Please, please, please, for the love of Pete do some research! I really don’t know very many people who would use the same type of approach to buying a car or a house and neither of those have a heartbeat.

We live in a day and age when people push the mantra, if it feels good, do it. Well guess what, it doesn’t feel good to get a cavitity filled, but it sure as heck felt good to eat that candy. Pleasing oneself in the moment can be disastrous. And when you involve another life in that ‘thrill of the moment’ you can ultimately be responsible for it’s demise. I know you’re thinking,” Whoa, whoa, a little dramatic aren’t we?” Yeah, it is dramatic, but wouldn’t you be putting on a show the likes of Broadway if people weren’t listening? How do you get someone’s attention who’s been so self absorbed they can’t even see their own backside is on fire? You shock them. Buzz buzz, here it comes. When you get a pet, be it from a breeder, shelter, rescue, or ‘oops the neighbor’s hamster is knocked up,’ you are now the sole provider for said pet and they depend on you for EVERYTHING. You are now responsible for doing your best to raise (or possibly fix) a respectful, disciplined dog/cat/horse/chimpanzee. You commit to that animal and a majority of the time, you will have the best family member in the household. Notice I said a majority of the time. I won’t pretend that every connection is going to work. I’ve had a dog that didn’t mesh well with my situation at the time and I still regret that I took him in without mentally preparing myself for what he really was. But, the good thing is he ended up going back to his breeder where he lived (still lives?) a happy and fulfilled life. That’s the other side of the responsibility coin. When it doesn’t work, you find a place that it will. And that’s NOT the shelter. That’s NOT taking them out to the middle of BFE and dumping them. That’s NOT pawning them off on some unsuspecting person for them to dump the pet at the shelter.

I feel that I need to wrap this up for today as to not push too many buttons in one afternoon, but I do feel a few more parts to this in the works. P.S. My disclaimer, if you are offended by this in any way, please come talk to me. I’m honestly not trying to rub anyone the wrong way, only trying to make people think. And if I’ve come across the wrong way, contact me personally so we can talk about it 🙂


Santa vs. The Gobbler

First…. Sorry for the hiatus (or you’re welcome, depending on how much you enjoy or loathe my writing 😉 ), I’ve been spending time with family and didn’t take time to write. Now that’s out of the way, let’s break down the issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg…. Oh wait, that’s not what I was addressing, it’s which comes first, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Santa in one corner, red suit and jelly belly. The Gobbler in the opposite corner, brown feathers and spindly yellow legs. The bell rings and they fight for prime space in homes, department stores, and Walmarts across the country during the month of November. I’ve seen people posting about Christmas since November 1st and I’ve seen some who have been fighting tooth and nail to keep Thanksgiving in the forefront. I literally have an inner struggle with this whole issue and here’s why.


When I was little, we used to travel to my Gma and Gpa Peck’s house in Kansas and it was something we looked forward to every year. All the aunts, uncles, and cousins were there and there were so many of us, we spilled over into the old farm house of my Great Grandpa Markley. We ate Tony’s pizza and tacos as a tradition (ok, so I thought it was a tradition, one I loved, might I add, but maybe it was just the easiest thing to feed to a BUNCH of kids ) when it wasn’t Thanksgiving dinner and then filled up on turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, pie and more I’m sure, when it was time for the festivities. There were card tables, chairs, and tv trays spread out all over grandma’s house. We watched the Macy’s parade in the morning and football the rest of the weekend. We played outside with frisbees, shot guns, and drove around on the old 3 wheeler (I think) that grandpa had. Thanksgiving was a BIG holiday for us and at that point, I never would have dreamt of Christmas until it was over. Heck, I even ‘made’ grandma pay me $5 one time so I’d go home (guess she lost a lot of money that year since several more of the grandkids hadn’t left yet either!). It was even customary for us to listen to Christmas music on the way home because the transition had been made. We were now onto the next holiday.

Fast forward to today….we still celebrate Thanksgiving, but with everyone grown up and with families and schedules of their own, it’s not the same. We eat turkey and the fixings with mine and my husband’s families and it’s wonderful, but just different. I find myself wishing for Christmas because it’s my absolute most favorite holiday ever. I feel like I have to constantly fight the urge to listen to Christmas music though because of the chastising from people “Christmas isn’t until December!” or “We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!” I sometimes feel like the kid sneaking a cigarrette during lunch because I’m secretly listening to Jingle Bells…. then I run into the issue of Thanksgiving being over and I’m still in the mindset of , “No, you can’t do Christmas yet” and it ends up taking me until a week before Christmas before I’m in the mood.

Anyways, I know this is kind of the ramblings of a crazy woman who writes silly things a lot, but I just wanted to give both sides. I can completely understand not wanting to skip Thanksgiving and I totally get wanting to enjoy more of the Christmas side. All that being said, let’s just be happy and appreciate the most glorious time of the year (in my humble opinion ;-).

Aunt Susie, Uncle Benny, Aunt Pammy, Uncle Larry, My mom Grandpa and Grandma Peck

Aunt Susie, Uncle Benny, Aunt Pammy, Uncle Larry, My mom
Grandpa and Grandma Peck

P.S. If you hate Christmas, you are doing it WRONG!! Maybe that will be blog for December 😉

Lacey the Lumberjack

I have found my calling…as a lumberjack. Ha ha ha ha ha, even I can’t keep a straight face as I type that. I’ve always been somewhat proud of the fact that there isn’t much around our ranch that I can’t do besides cut firewood. There are a few things that I’ve been taught to do and choose not to because there are people who are exceedingly better than I and I just don’t have the desire (such as welding or farming). I can drive the tractor, mow the lawn, feed hay, carry feed sacks, work/train dogs, and on and on. One thing I’ve never done is run the chainsaw. I’m not certain why, it’s just something I’ve never done. This past week, Mark was cutting firewood and asked if I wanted to learn how to run it. I said no, but quickly regretted as I started getting the itch (no it wasn’t just wood chips in my clothes from loading firewood ;-p). I’m sure I’ll get the chance again soon, but we’ll fast forward to my career choice as a lumberjack.


The firewood was cut, hauled in, and stacked and it was the 11th hour before my parents were going to be home (the firewood was for them) and I decide that it looks like there aren’t enough bigger logs that will fit in the stove without being split. So what did I do? I referenced the very minimal tutorial about splitting wood that my dad gave me while I was helping him one day and went in search of an axe…scary, I know! 😉 Well 15 minutes later I had an axe, some kind of splitter head (I don’t know terminology, do they have lumberjack college?), and a small sledge hammer. I couldn’t remember what height I was supposed to put the log about to be split at (leave it on the ground or stack it on another) so I started with one stacked on the other and went to town with the splitter head and hammer. 25ish swings and a 1/2″ later, I decided that wasn’t working and attempted to remove the wedge I had hammered into the log…. That’s right, it took me another 10 minutes to get the wedge out. A little over a half hour into this project and I just had a small hole in one log. Out came the axe! I can hit and kill an animal (sometimes moving) with a very tiny projectile at a great distance, but for some reason I’ve always had a hard time hitting my target with anything I have to swing… I pulled back and let ‘er rip, smacking the log right on top and almost yelling yippee. Now came the hard part, hitting the same spot again. I prepared for another swing, focusing intently on the very spot I hit before and *SMACK*, about 3 inches to the right. Try again… In order to not make this of novel like proportions, I hit that log 20+ times and about 3 of those were in the same spot. I’d like to say I was getting better, but I believe it was process of elimination as there was no place I hadn’t hit yet! At that point, I believe I was 45 minutes in and had a log with a small hole and 23 slices in the top of it. I attempted it again because, by golly, I’m not a quitter and guess what, success!! Well, ok, not really, I got a wallet size wood chip knocked off this time. At this pace I was going to be there for a while, but it was a start, right? Anyways, I decided maybe it wasn’t me, maybe it was the log, so I got another out. This one had dotted lines on it indicating where to hit (just kidding, it didn’t really have dotted lines, but it did have a few splits already) so I aimed my hardest and swung like Paul Bunyan. I actually hit where I was aiming and started a split!! I was so excited I almost started jumping up and down, but knew that was a waste of precious energy and daylight. I continued on and actually split my first log. As the feeling of success was setting in I was getting my pattern down, swing, hit, swing, hit, swing, hit the wrong spot, swing, hit the sweet spot. With more and more hits on my target I was actually getting something done. And then the smell hit me…that awful, yucky, gross smell of fresh dog ‘stuff’. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’d been so entranced by my splitting business I stepped in someone else’s business. Fun stuff, lemme tell ya! Cleaned up my shoe and went back to splitting. I am very happy to report that after a lot of time (maybe over an hour) I had successfully split 2 or 3 logs. It was literally so long a process I can’t remember how many I finished ;-p

After searching through pictures, I've come to the conclusion I need a flannel shirt and much more body hair to proceed...

After searching through pictures, I’ve come to the conclusion I need a flannel shirt and much more body hair to proceed…

So as most of you have already figured out, my prowess for lumberjacking is why I shall now begin my search for an accredited school to attend to further my career. Can you do those kind of classes online??

The title of mom

As I bake last minute cookies for the Fall Elementary Carnival tomorrow, I think of how to teach my oldest the best way to deal with defeat… And no I don’t mean that I’ve failed just because I’m baking chocolate chip cookies from a dough log made by nestle toll house :-p

This year the school decided to add carnival royalty and Warren was chosen as a representative from his class as a candidate for king. Each class randomly picked a boy and a girl (Pre-k through 1st is up for Prince and Princess and 2nd and 3rd grade are up for King and Queen) and they get votes by donation. Each penny is a vote and the ones with the most votes win, along with their class winning a pizza party. So obviously this is a fundraiser and I think it’s a great idea, except for one thing. Warren has been worried all week that no one will vote for him and that he won’t win king. At first I was upset that we had to feel like we either pony up and send a bunch of cash in so our kid can win or we let him face losing. But then it struck me that the very issue I was struggling with is one that has turned people into self-centered jerks and has caused us to forget about others. As much as I want my little boy to feel super special and like a king, I also don’t want him thinking the only way to feel good about himself is if he wins.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge whoever wins. I’ve decided it’s just another wonderful opportunity in this life to teach Warren how to handle things that come our way. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow night, but I did get to talk to my little boy about it and I told him something along the lines of this, “Warren, let me be honest with you. I would be worried just the same as you are if I was in your position. It’s natural to want something like that, but if it’s meant to be, it will and if it’s not, it’ll be ok. No matter what we want, God always has a plan and even when it doesn’t work out like we want it to, He’s always going to take care of us. You just need to either be a good winner if you win, and a good loser if you don’t. You congratulate who wins, you don’t pout, and you be thankful for the chance because there are kids who didn’t even get to be candidates.”

Being a mom is super tough sometimes, and I’m constantly sure that I’ve failed in more ways than one can count, but I’m trying my best and am rewarded by every hug, kiss, and random “I love you, mom”….

P.S. I might have gotten a few of cookie bottoms too dark (no, it’s not burnt, it’s well done) while typing this. If you get one tomorrow, you’ll know where it came from ;-p

Where the wind comes sweeping all your s#%t into your neighbor’s yard!


OOOOOklahoma….yeah, you know where I’m going with that. I really think that the official hairstyle of Oklahoma should be an updo because it never fails that if I would like to wear my hair down, there is a wind advisory.


And if you don’t live here, they don’t just mean it will be a little breezy. Breezy would fall in the 20 mph winds category. No, when you are advised of wind, it means go out the day before and anchor all your pets, plants, young trees, and small vehicles to something buried deep, deep down in the ground. And if you have a trampoline, consider it like the message in a bottle and put a note on it with your address as you kiss it goodbye and hope to see at least pieces of it in the future. We are talking about 30 mph sustained winds at the very minimum….sometimes gusts up to 50 and 60 mph. I’m fairly certain I’ve perfected the screen door hold for days like this. It’s where you open your big heavy door, place your hand on the screen door latch and before opening, plant your feet firmly on the floor while anchoring the other hand on the door frame. Making sure there is a bend in the elbow of the arm opening the door, you slowly release the latch and hang the *$&% on!! It is imperative that you are of a certain weight before attempting this manuever as you will surely be slung off the porch and into what is hopefully a soft grassy area. Also, something to be aware of during a wind advisory is car doors. Of course it can be difficult to open or shut if parked a certain way but I’m talking about which side of the car gets to open first. You see, if both sides open simultaneously, you better hope you had a clean car before this occurence, because if you didn’t, you do now. And you will quickly regret not having the foresight to plan an exit strategy as your running across the parking lot randomly stomping like you’re on some riverdance stage (the stomping is, of course, an attempt to catch any loose papers you had on the dash/console/floor/seat).


And finally, my last tidbit…don’t stand downwind of anything you don’t want to be covered in (including, but not limited to, a dirt lot, sandy beach, and little boys relieving themselves).

My head is swimming with crap I can’t remember if I’ve forgotten to do or did and need to do again and all the duties I’m certain to be terribly behind on. I was trying to come up with something cute and witty (oops…almost typed titty.. 8-p) to write about vacation, but it’s like my brain is on strike. It says, “NO! I won’t think up hilarious situations that are sure to have your readers holding their stomachs, rolling with laughter while tears of joy steam down their face. My plan is to continously interupt your thought train and derail it into the cliff of dirty laundry that was completely caught up 5 minutes ago and now somehow you’re 3 loads behind. I’m going to crash your creativity plane into the canyons of nothing sounds good for dinner tonight. You’ll never come up with anything entertaining at this pace, wait, what’s that? Someone posted to Facebook an extremely controversial link that you can’t possibly ignore about pregnant dolphins smoking joints laced with trans fat. You have to get in on that meaningless battle of dimwits that will change no one’s opinion only their news feed so that they don’t have to see your highly combative posts about Polar Bear gas and how it it melting the North Pole.”

Seriously people, this is what’s going on inside my brain…all while I prepare for a client to be here in 45 minutes and cooking ground hamburger for who knows what dinner type meal tonight. I need a vacation… Here are some pretty places I’ll most likely never see until I go to Heaven. Enjoy and hopefully a few of you will get to visit these places and send me some pics 🙂

Ah Paris, what can I say but simply J'adore. Time is flying on by since we've long parted ways in August, yet I can't seem to get you out of my head. It looks like if I miss you this much then perhaps I'll have to grace you with my presence after graduation if not sooner...Greece, Greece, GreeceAyada Maldives - Paradise!Dream vacation spot!Barcelona

Betty Crocker, Sara Lee, and Susie Homemaker

What do these three ladies have in common? I am none of them… Ha ha ha! I do love to bake when it gets into Fall and here are some of the things I’d like to do this season.

Food Food2 Food3

Can you say yum??? The second two look pretty fool proof. The first….yeah, that one may be a candidate for the pintrosity site. Let’s take a look at a couple of those.

Food4 Food5

I may or may not admit to having done the upside down muffin tin with cookie dough and it may or may not have looked a lot like the one above… I really don’t know why I’m struck with certain things that look and sound like they would be super fun (baking, dressing fashionable, wind surfing…) but end up being nothing even comparable to pictures. Am I the only one who has high expectations with such sub-standard results? :-p Well, anyways, hopefully I will get some of my baking done to satisfy the itch and we can all say a little prayer that no one ends up in the hospital (or the bathroom) before Christmas at least.

P.S. I’m taking a little bit of dramatic license here. None of my foods have ever made anyone sick. Some have probably looked or smelled like they would, therefore possibly curbing the ER visit, but none have actually resulted in illness. Thank you and goodnight.

P.P.S. If you and I are both lucky, maybe I will take pics of my ventures and post them on here as follow ups….even if they are pintrosities, because we all need a laugh from time to time, right? 😉


Yummy grub

For those of you ladies who have just as much trouble deciding what to fix for supper as I do, I have some good news for ya! 🙂 Tomorrow evening starting at about 5ish you can come to the old school house in Fay and eat some food that will tickle your tastebuds! Every year they have a variety of foods that you won’t get just anywhere. What am I refering to?? The Wild Game Feed of course! Now don’t be all prissy and say, “I will certainly not be caught eating anything ‘wild’ or ‘gamey’….Ewww!” 😉 I know you won’t be disappointed when you dig into my husband’s specialty, wild hog fajitas.


Those are some cookers! There will be plenty to pile on your plate from wild hog to deer to fish and some other fun stuff 😉 So come on out to support the tiny town of Fay (Dinner will be by donation only and will be followed by the auctioning off of some delicious desserts as well as other items. All proceeds go to put on the Christmas program and keep up the school house.).