Ugh….Why is getting back to writing a blog like trying to exercise after the holidays? It’s hit and miss; some days you feel like a superhero, getting things done with lightning speed and extreme efficiency while other days you feel like an upside down turtle on the side of the highway, going nowhere and spinning in circles when someone passes you by. Today, I am a turtle…


I have SEVERAL blog ideas and even a draft started, but none of it sounds like a barrel (I can never spell that word, why is it so hard to remember if it’s two r’s or two l’s?) of fun. All I’ve got are serious blog notes and, between you and me, I don’t have the brain power today to be serious :-p Is it between you and I or between you and me? I was always told if you take out part of the sentence that includes the second person, you would use what makes sense…. He gave Eddie and I some lemonade. By taking out ‘Eddie and’, it would make more sense you use ‘me’. He gave me some lemonade. But you can’t take out ‘you and’ without it making no sense whatsoever. All I’ve got are serious blog notes and, between I (or me), I don’t have the brain power today to be serious. Also, I have an issue with ‘ ‘ and ” ” at the end of sentences… I can hardly bring myself to put the punctuation inside. And does the punctuation have to go inside with ‘ ‘ also, or just ” ?”  How confusing is that last sentence?? Ok, moving on, as silly as it may seem, english is soothing to me. I caught myself mindlessly playing a word game yesterday evening where they give you 6 letters and you have to spell as many words as you can with those six letters (it’s whirly word in case you’re interested, I love it). Most people would call that torture, I called it winding down :-p I’m such a nerd… But then again, if you know me well, you probably already knew that. Seriously, during Christmas break I took a grammar quiz just for the fun of it. And I loved every minute! I still have trouble with effect and affect, but I *think* I’m getting better. Most of the time I just try to find a word to replace it or just rewrite the entire sentence so I don’t get caught using it wrong (wrongly?).

Anyways, I’m certain you’re tired of this mumbo-jumbo I called a blog post, so I shall end it here…


2 thoughts on “……

  1. you goof 😀 I love it. I once referred to myself as a bit of a grammar nerd, but it opened up the floodgates of people correcting me on my own writing, so I got scared. It does drive me crazy when people can’t correctly use their, there and there, or then/than. I also totally reword my sentence if I’m not sure about it. While we’re on the subject, I write sooo much better than I talk. I have to stick to simple, basic English when I speak because I am guaranteed to butcher the pronunciation (I just spelled that wrong, btw, because I sounded it out…incorrectly, thank you, spell check) of “big” words.

    • I think I’d be in trouble if I allowed myself to change the title of my blog very often. It would go from current, to thoughts of an introvert, to the procrastinator’s guide to everything, to a look inside this crazy brain of mine….
      I’d probably be worried about people critiquing (totally had to look up how to spell that, still not sure I got it right) my grammar, but I think you, my husband, and my mom will be nice. Cause you know that’s all who read this! 😉 I think I write better than I talk because I can take the time to correct things. In real life I try sooo hard not to repeat the same word that I have awkward silences for half seconds while my brain scrambles for something other to say than “things” or something I’ve already used. Speaking of pronunciation (cheated and saw how you spelled it), I went around saying quinoa as “Kwen-o-ah” for the longest time until I had someone ask me what I was talking about… yeah it’s pronounced “Key-new-ah”…. And the first time I read prejudice, I thought it said “Pre-judas”. There’s that stupid puncuation and quotation marks issue again!

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