Bottom line, I know a lot of people who need it… Ok, so maybe what they need isn’t education, but a desire to be educated. I honestly don’t know where my need to learn/find the truth comes from (and believe me, there are things I don’t want to learn, like how to do my own taxes) but I’d venture to say part of it is from my upbringing and another is from experience. The upbringing would be responsible for my relationship with Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit and respect for others. The experience would be responsible for a deep-rooted understanding that no matter the situation, there are always two sides to a story.

In today’s world, people are lightning quick to judge and condemn things they have no knowledge of. They allow emotions and opinions to dictate how they act and react without giving time for the dust to settle. A lot of times, all it takes is a few minutes and a little research to see if what touched a nerve is actually true and factual or just someone else stirring the pot. Here’s how I feel about pot-stirrers (and please excuse the language)

Stirring the pot

It happens in every facet of every of every possible corner of life from politics, to public schools, to vaccinations, to private lives. Someone is always trying to put, let’s call them what they are, lies out about these things in order to push their agenda and bring more people to their side. They want support and they don’t care how they go about it. Ya know, I really don’t know what’s worse, the people who spread the garbage, or the ones who believe it without doing their own checking. The funny thing is that when these people are corrected or ‘caught’ in the act, very seldomly do they apologize or make the effort to stop the proverbial ball from rolling. In a day and age where teachers and parents are getting hundreds of thousands of likes for pictures to prove to their students and children that ‘news travels fast’ on social media, we should all know, once that post button is hit, a message has reached someone (and possibly several someones), even if it is immediately deleted. So please, do everyone a favor and before getting in a rush to hit the share button, at least bring up snopes to see if there is even a bit of truth involved.

One last thing….if you are in a position to have one of these things I listed below affect you, please do some research and ask the people who would know about it before getting so involved that you are partially responsible for making a decision that will affect others…

Common Core, GMO’s, Vaccinations, The 2nd Amendment, Abortion, Breeders….. I could go on, but we’ll start there 😉


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