I’ll never learn

Ok, so am I the only one who seems to be as dumb as a box of rocks sometimes when it comes to certain things? Let me explain… There are a few issues that push my buttons. Not a lot, but a handful of subjects that I can get super passionate about. And when I get passionate about something, I can’t always bite my tongue, or maybe it’s my fingers in the case of things posted on the good old world wide web. The dumb part is why I think saying ANYTHING will make a difference, because it NEVER does.

I have gotten myself into more than one heated debate by sticking my nose in on someone else’s conversation about the things they believe, obviously whether they have all the facts about it or not. Now that does not mean that I haven’t been guilty of forming opinions on things I shouldn’t, but I also hope that if someone uncovers my faux pas that I don’t just shoo them away because they might have a good point. So, tell me, what do you all think (all 4 of my readers 😉 ) about standing up and making your voice heard?? Does it do any good or is it just another fart lost in the wind for some people who just want someone to agree with them?


4 thoughts on “I’ll never learn

  1. I just say, choose your battle. I disagree with soooo many things I see and hear, but it’s not worth the misery to question it every time. When I do choose the battle, I have to prepare to get really angry, frustrated and disappointed, which, some things are worth it, but others are…not so much. 😉

    • I get what you’re saying. I see things that are are trivial when it doesn’t really make a difference on whether or not they change their opinion (or their grammar and spelling 😉 ) but probably what I get myself in trouble over is the things that I see that are blatantly only quoting one side and ‘trashing’ the other. A couple examples, when a rescue posted a picture saying that breeders didn’t rescue the two dogs in question so why would you support them. I HAD to speak up on that one. Also I’ve seen anti-hunting slurs that I’ve spoken up on. My comments are usually received differently depending on how rooted someone is in their opinion, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t change the mind of anyone I addressed even though I think I could do a little better job in person. See, this is probably the reason I get myself in trouble, I just keep rambling on when that wouldn’t be possible in a face to face conversation 😉 Anyways, you are spot on, I guess the deciding factor is whether or not it’s worth confrontation. And you know how much we love confrontation!

      • I know, it can be hard to keep quiet (especially through text, mwa ha ha). And hey, maybe it can change one out of every hundred people, right? So maybe it’s worth it 😀

      • Yes it is so hard to keep quiet sometimes! But that’s how I choose to look at it, especially when I get those ‘likes’ on my comments and it’s feels like a silent high-five. 😉

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